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Prepare your business to withstand an emergency.

If a crisis were to suddenly take you away from your business for days, weeks, or even months – would your business survive? 

Imagine for a moment that you are incapacitated later today and are unable to make phone calls, send emails, or work on your to do list. We certainly hope this doesn’t happen, but think for a minute about the following elements and what would happen to them without you…

Laptop on fire.


Where is their contact information? Who should be contacted? What messaging should be used?

Active Projects

What are your current projects? Do you have an up-to-date status and task list? Who has access to this?


What vendors, staff, contractors, services, or subscriptions need to be paid? Who owes you money and how are invoices sent? 

What You’ll Get

The Agency Safety Net course will ensure that you have the following elements in place for your business so that it will be able to withstand a crisis and still be generating revenue when you return.


Where is all of the critical information for your business stored? If it is mostly (or even partially!) in your head – that’s going to be a problem! Follow our guided steps to get all of the crucial details down in writing and accessible to the right people. 


What should be communicated in your absence, and to whom? The course will help you create all the necessary communication BEFORE an emergency occurs. 


Real life stories and experiences of your peers. Learn from their experiences and save yourself and your loved ones from the stress of dealing with your business in the case of your incapacitation. 

Why This Course?

Hi, I’m Stephanie Hudson and I very unexpectedly  ended up in a coma and totally out of commission for 6 weeks. My agency survived, but barely. I want to share what I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

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