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Focus on Dev provides the team of outsourced WordPress developers you need to scale your web design or digital marketing business. Serve more clients, expand your offerings, and grow your bottom line with our development subscription.

  • More hands on deck to finish a project
  • Increase your income by offering new services
  • On-demand support for when things go wrong

Have you ever wished you could make a copy of yourself?

Whether you need more hours in the day, technical expertise to solve complex problems, or someone to tackle the dev projects you don’t love, Focus on Dev is the secret weapon you didn’t know you could afford.

We can help you estimate the amount of time you’ll need for tasks, identify the perfect subscription level for your business, and provide the resources you need to scale using our outsourced WordPress development services.

Focus on Dev provides the team of WordPress developers you need to scale your web design or digital marketing business. Serve more clients, increase profit, and gain more time to work in your zone of genius.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.

“Easily the best WordPress Dev team I have ever worked with. They come in on time, on budget and are easy to work with. I have worked with over 30 different developers over 15 years and I can say they are the best.”


– SEO Expert with over 1M pageviews per month on his personal blog

Calculate your rate

Use the slider below to select the number of hours you’ll need for your team of WordPress Developers for the next 30 days.

3 hours

$79 / hr

$237 / month

Your subscription will renew each month, but we’ll remind you before your month is up so you can select your hours for the next month.

There is no commitment; you can add hours, pause, or cancel your account at any time.


Who will be working on my site?

Only tested and vetted professional WordPress developers will ever touch your websites. All of your project requests will be fielded by your dedicated project manager and will go through our extensive quality control process before final work is delivered.

How do you safeguard my website credentials?

When requesting dev work on one of your clients’ websites, you will submit admin credentials via a secure form in your FocusWP Agency Portal. Access to the site will be provided to the developers through a 3rd party login system that logs them in securely without giving access to the password. Your credentials will remain locked safely away in our LastPass vault.

What is the turnaround time for tasks?

It depends on the scope of your task or project. You can always ask for a time estimate when you submit a task request. As always, if the task will exceed your subscription hours, the we will let you know before proceeding.

What if I have hours left over at the end of my month?

Your subscription hours are “use ‘em or lose ‘em.” We will keep you posted throughout the month so you will always know how many hours you have to plan accordingly. We know as web developers our own sites are always the last to get our attention, so we recommend using any “leftover” hours to level up your own business website before the month is over.

What if I run out of hours before the month is up?

You can always top up your hours through your FocusWP Agency Portal. Note that additional hours will be at the highest hourly rate, so it’s best to subscribe to as many as you need at the beginning of the month, as far as possible. Even if you have to purchase additional hours though, they are always priced under the standard going rate, leaving room for you to mark them up and make a profit.

Is it for a calendar month or one month from when I sign up?

Your subscription starts the day you sign up and will renew each month on the same date. If you need to adjust your billing date, contact support through your FocusWP Agency Portal.

How do I submit a project or task?

Dev on Demand - Submit Ticket
Just hit "Submit Ticket" in your Agency Portal and add all the required details. 

What time zone are you in?

Our hours of operation are M-F from 9am to 6pm EST.  We will continue to add staff in other time zones as we grow. Please let us know if you want your time zone to be next! 

Start scaling your business today with a Focus on Dev subscription.

Start scaling your business today with a Focus on Dev subscription.

© FocusWP | All Rights Reserved

© FocusWP | All Rights Reserved