Team Focus

With a combined 30+ years of Web Development experience, Stephanie and Tom know their WordPress maintenance! FocusWP was born at a Divi meetup at WordCamp US and focuses on the needs of successful digital agencies.

Stephanie Hudson

Stephanie Hudson

Stephanie has been creating brands and building websites since the 1990s. She has lived coast to coast in the USA, but currently runs Sweet Tea Marketing in Charlotte, NC.

Tom Jensen

Tom Jensen

A master of organization and systems, Tom runs a tight ship — quite literally! He spends half the year living and working on a sailboat on Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada.

Maintenance Specialists

The backbone of FocusWP is our talented team of WordPress Maintenance Specialists. Each specialist is carefully vetted and extensively trained on best practices for updating and optimizing WordPress. But it doesn’t stop there! They undergo ongoing training and keep up-to-date on the state of WordPress in general, as well as any troublesome plugins or themes. They check each and every FocusWP website before and after updates (and sometimes in the middle!). They will know your sites inside out and care for them like their own. 

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