Graphic Design

Whether you need web designs, print pieces, logos, infographics, or social media graphics, our creative team of designers will produce high-quality imagery that dazzles your clients and motivates their customers to convert.

Why Choose FocusWP for Graphic Design

  • Easily submit projects or revisions via your Agency Portal.
  • No commitment. Pause or cancel any time.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Diverse team with a wide range of specialties (web, print, social, etc).

How We’re Different

Let’s face it, there are a LOT of design services out there. So, why would you choose FocusWP?

If you have used any of the unlimited design services out there, you know that you can only have ONE task at a time being worked on. When was the last time your clients all took turns asking for things?

With FocusWP we will work on multiple tasks simultaneously. We’ll tackle your graphic design needs!

What can my Design Team do for me?

Your team of talented Graphic Designers can help with many different types of work including:

Landing Page Design

Do you dream of having gorgeous, compelling sales pages that draw in customers and encourage conversions? This can easily be your reality with your FocusWP Design Team. As the cherry on top, send the designs to your FocusWP Dev Team and have it built quickly and skillfully.


A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to infographics. This compelling content can be used in print materials, on websites, or in social media campaigns.

Print Design

Business cards, signage, brochures, custom folders, mailers…any print materials you want to use as a physical component complementing your digital marketing efforts can be designed and prepared according to your detailed specifications.

Lead Magnet

Capture the attention of website visitors with a polished, professional lead magnet design. Checklists, Whitepapers, How-To guides, or any other useful resource will be irresistible…especially if you pair the design with compelling copy from your FocusWP Copywriting Team!

Social Media post templates

Friends don’t let friends post ugly graphics on social media – and professional digital marketers definitely don’t! Your Design Team can create individual post graphics, formatted for any social platform, of course, or they can create a design system and template as a base for ongoing posts.

Custom icons

We love FontAwesome as much as the next geek, but sometimes you need to convey a specific message, or just want to provide that extra-custom service to your clients. Your Design Team can create a full set of icons that elevate any web project. (They are especially good at making icons that are 3D, if that happens to be your thing!)

Logo Design

Whether your client needs a brand new logo or a logo refresh, your Design Team is up to the task. They will create logos and supporting elements that effectively represent the business and speak to their target audience. Have an existing brand that is a bit scattered? Have your Design Team dig in and determine the relevant elements and create a comprehensive Brand Standards Guide. This document can be provided to vendors and collaborators for easy access to all necessary fonts, colors, and usage guidelines.

How many  hours will I need?

Use the chart below to get guidance on task time estimates and turnarount time.

Note that the time indicated are averages based on tasks submitted with a detailed, accurate brief.


Website Design – 5 Page



Featured image for page or post



Home Page



Landing Page


Woman in 3D giving a thumbs up.

Designing for print, web, or branding all require different skills and mastery over different tools. Why hire one designer, when you could have an instant team of creatives with a comprehensive set of skills, for no additional charge or HR headaches?

FocusWP Designers

When you work with FocusWP Designers, you can be sure that your team has met the highest standards for communication skills, technical aptitude, and professionalism.

Highly skilled staff

Quality control on every task

Your privacy matters

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