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FocusWP provides the team of outsourced WordPress developers you need to scale your business. Serve more clients, expand your offerings, and grow your bottom line with our development subscription.

Why Choose FocusWP for Development

We help you focus on what you do best so that you can serve your clients better and stress less.

  • No commitment. Buy hours as you need them.
  • Task estimate guidelines provided.
  • Monitor task progress in real time.
  • Vetted, highly-skilled developers.
  • Submit multiple tasks at one time.
  • Quality control on all tasks.
  • Send tasks to your team through your Agency Portal.

Have you ever wished you could make a copy of yourself?

Whether you need more hours in the day, technical expertise to solve complex problems, or someone to tackle the dev projects you don’t love, Focus on Dev is the secret weapon you didn’t know you could afford.

We can help you estimate the amount of time you’ll need for tasks, identify the perfect subscription level for your business, and provide the resources you need to scale using our outsourced WordPress development services.

Focus on Dev provides the team of WordPress developers you need to scale your web design or digital marketing business. Serve more clients, increase profit, and gain more time to work in your zone of genius.

What can my Development Team do for me?

Your talented team of web developers can help with many types of tastks including:

Full Website Builds

Your team of web developers can build a website from scratch using the technology of your choice. You provide the designs (or have your FocusWP Design Team handle that!) and the development server, then sit back and watch while your new client site comes to life.

Configure Complex Plugins

We’ve all been down the rabbit hole trying to find the right solution to a tricky problem…and then you have to handle the complicated configuration of the solution. Ugh! That’s a non-issue now – just send it to your team of developers!

Website Speed Up

Slow websites cost sales. Don’t lose website visitors to a sluggish site. Your dev team can whip a site into shape faster than you can say “Core Web Vitals!” 

Mobile Optimization

Raise your hand if you hate all the little tweaks required to make a site look perfect on mobile? 🙋 Great news: you don’t need to deal with stuff you hate any more. You have a team of devs for that.

Custom Code

If you ever find yourself in need of a bit of jquery, some javascript, or a tricky bit of CSS, stop googling and just submit a ticket to your dev team instead. They will work their magic and all you’ll have to do is copy/paste your hot new block of code.

Website Fixes

Is it just us or do clients always break something on their site at the most inconvenient times? Now it’s a non-issue. No need to scramble to reschedule other projects so you can figure out what went wrong and fix it. Send in the issue as a ticket and your devs will get to the bottom of it right away. Your project manager will even send an update which you can simply forward to your client. Easy peasy!

Funnel Builds

If you want to turn visitors into leads or customers, you’re gonna need some website funnels. The trouble is, they are such a pain to build. 😩 No worries! Your team of web devs will gladly tackle this for you. In fact, you can even have the copy written by your FocusWP copywriting team, and while you’re at it, task your FocusWP graphic design team with creating an eye-catching lead magnet to attract visitors into the funnel. Now all you have to do is dream up new funnel ideas!

How many  hours will I need?

Use the chart below to get guidance on task time estimates and turnarount time.

Note that the time indicated are averages based on tasks submitted with a detailed, accurate brief.


Accessibility Audit

2hr - 3hr


Page Build Based on Provided PSD



Performance Tune-up



Events Ticket Email Template Customization



Adding Privacy/Terms page links to Footer



Configure SMTP Plugin



Cache Exclusion Rules



Event Page Template

creation of Event post type



PHP Upgrade

including backing up the site and testing after



Recreate Shopify Site in Divi

30hr – 50hr


Add / Configure WooCommerce

1hr – 2hr


Add WooCommerce Simple Products

(no variations)

30min – 4hr

Admin (VA), Development

PHP Error

15min – 2hr

Woman in 3D giving a thumbs up.
“I can’t currently afford a full-time developer and having FocusWP there just when I need them has been a dream. Because I have them in my corner now I can take on projects I wasn’t able to take on before. I come to them with a problem or for a project quote and they help right away! This is what I’ve needed to support my business and am super grateful for all they do.”

Kathy Estrada Fisher
Co-Owner at Fisher Green Creative

FocusWP Developers

When you work with FocusWP Developers, you can be sure that your team has met the highest standards for communication skills, technical aptitude, and professionalism.

Highly skilled staff

Quality control on every task

Your privacy matters

Calculate your rate

Use the slider below to select the number of hours you’d like to purchase. Hours are good for 6 months. The more you get, the cheaper they are! Not sure how many hours you need? Check out our Task Estimate Calculator.

Did you know? Your hours can be used for ANY of your staff departments: Development, Design, Copywriting, Video Production, SEO, or VA. You can even submit multiple tickets at once.
3 hours


Who will be working on my site?

Only tested and vetted professional WordPress developers will ever touch your websites. All of your project requests will be fielded by the team lead and will go through our extensive quality control process before final work is delivered.

How do you safeguard my website credentials?

When requesting dev work on one of your clients’ websites, you will submit admin credentials via a secure form in your FocusWP Agency Portal. Access to the site will be provided to the developers through a 3rd party login system that logs them in securely without giving access to the password. Your credentials will remain locked safely away in our LastPass vault.

How do I submit a project or task?

Just hit “Submit Ticket” in your Agency Portal and add all the required details.

What is the turnaround time for projects?

It depends on the scope of your project or task. You can always ask for a time estimate when you submit a task request. As always, if the task will exceed your subscription hours, the devs will let you know before proceeding.

What time zone are you in?

Our hours of operation are M-F from 8am to 6pm EST timezone. We will continue to add staff in other timezones as we grow. Please let us know if you want your timezone to be next!

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