Focus on what you love. Delegate the rest.

Add An Instant Team of Creative and Technical Staff To Your Business

Whether you want to offer additional services, or just need more hands on deck, your FocusWP Team is on call and ready to tackle any task. 

Why FocusWP

With Focus on Demand you instantly have your very own team of experts ready to handle any task you delegate to them.

Submit a task to your Development, Design, Copywriting, Video Production, VA, or SEO department and you will immediately get a confirmation email. We’ll let you know when one of your staff has been assigned to the task and will send you an update via email each day until the task is complete.

We begin most tasks the same day they are submitted and complete them ASAP.

Here are the departments included in your team.

Simply submit a ticket in your Agency Portal to delegate a task to your team in any of the following departments.


Our team of trained and vetted developers can handle whatever requests your clients have or even build a new site from the ground up. Subscribe to as many or as few hours as you need and instantly add WordPress Development to the services you offer your clients.

Dev Task Examples

Virtual Assistant

Bosses don’t make their own powerpoint slides, organize files, transcribe meeting notes, or configure email marketing software. Leave the Admin tasks to our team of super detail-oriented VAs while you stick to running your empire!

Admin Task Examples

Graphic Design

Whether you need web designs, print pieces, logos, infographics, or social media graphics, our creative team of designers will produce high-quality imagery that dazzle your clients and motivate their customers to convert.

Design Task Examples

Video Production

Help your clients drive results through video content. Leave the production work to our team of experts that know how to produce high-quality videos that will elevate any marketing campaign, presentation, or online course.

Video Task Examples


Keyword rich copywriting is essential for successful marketing — and now you have a team of SEO copywriters at your fingertips. Our talented team can write copy your clients will love for an entire site, a single long-form sales page, blog posts, email sequences, and more.

Copywriting Task Examples


Your FocusWP SEO team can help you or your clients move your way up the SERPs. Get a full SEO audit, or just get some keyword research done for your next blog post.

SEO Task Examples


Wow your customers and increase your recurring revenue – without lifting a finger.

With FocusWP in your corner, you can confidently offer ongoing maintenance, knowing that your skilled team of WordPress experts will review the site after every update and catch any potential issues.

Focus on Demand

We make it easy for you to grow your agency and offer your clients more services. Create an instant team of industry experts that you can trust. FocusWP offers fast and affordable white label services that allow Bosses like you to do more of what you love.

With your FocusWP team, you can increase your productivity and earnings while working less. Fully staff your agency, turn clients into raving fans, and grow a company that you can be proud of!

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