Virtual Assistants

FocusWP offers you the opportunity to have your own team of virtual assistants to take care of routine day-to-day tasks so that you can focus on high-level tasks.

A Virtual Assistant, (or VA), is someone who provides administrative, clerical, or other professional services remotely.

Why choose FocusWP for VA Services?

  • Tasks started quickly and performed efficiently
  • Diverse team with a wide range of expertise
  • Native English speakers
  • Quality control on every task

What can my VA do for me?

VAs can help with many different types of work including:

Content collection from clients

Tired of sending the same emails to clients or watching the inbox for their long-awaited copy to arrive? Have your VA keep tabs on that and send regular reminder emails, then let you know when it is received.

Social media management

Send a spreadsheet or list of social posts and have your VA organize, edit, and schedule them for posting. You could even have them monitor your accounts at regular intervals and respond to common questions or alert you if you need to jump in to a conversation.

Email marketing campaigns

Does automating your email sequences make your head spin? Your VA team can handle this for you in any of the most popular email marketing apps. Need help with writing the emails in the first place? Your copywriting team can handle that, no sweat!

Online research

Which brand of printer would be the best value for you? How much would it cost to get a new lighting setup for live streaming? How are your competitors handling a particular issue you face? Can that AppSumo app really accomplish what you need?

Most entrepreneurs love researching and learning, but sometimes research is tedious and time consuming! Outsource this time suck to a Virtual Assistant and instantly win back all that time.

Data Entry

Do you have a stack of business cards or receipts that need entered into your system? Drop them in the mail, or share photos / scans to your VA and don’t waste another moment procrastinating that task!
Moving from one system to another? If an export/import is failing you, it may need a human touch.

Inbox management

There are two types of Bosses: Inbox Zero or Inbox 47,392 (and counting!). If you could use some help sorting through the chaos and implementing a process for more efficient management, your VAs would LOVE to reduce that OCD-triggering unread count.
Maybe you are just bombarded with too many ads and newsletters and need someone to search for the teeny “Unsubscribe” link and make sure they get the message.
Would you like a daily digest of unread emails? That can be arranged at the time of your choosing like the email version of a hotel wake up call.

Calendar management

Calendly and Book Like A Boss are great, but sometimes a meeting is just tricky to book and needs some human intervention (six people in 3 countries and 4 time zones need to meet this week??). Delegate this to one of the schedule ninjas on your VA team.
If you haven’t found the time to get a scheduling app configured, your assistant can handle that, too. Just let us know what availability and which calendar you’d like to connect.

How many  hours will I need?

Use the chart below to get guidance on task time estimates and turnarount time.

Note that the time indicated are averages based on tasks submitted with a detailed, accurate brief.

Admin (VA), Development

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15min – 2hr

Outsourcing administrative tasks to a VA can increase the efficiency of your business, and boost your bottom line.

FocusWP Virtual Assistants

When you work with FocusWP Virtual Assistants, you can be sure that your team has met the highest standards for communication skills, technical aptitude, and professionalism. 

Highly skilled staff

Quality control on every task

Your privacy matters

Calculate your rate

Use the slider below to select the number of hours you’d like to purchase. Hours are good for 6 months. The more you get, the cheaper they are! Not sure how many hours you need? Check out our Task Estimate Calculator.

Did you know? Your hours can be used for ANY of your staff departments: Development, Design, Copywriting, Video Production, SEO, or VA. You can even submit multiple tickets at once.
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