Video Production

Help your clients drive results through video content. Leave the production work to our team of experts that know how to produce high-quality videos that will elevate any marketing campaign, presentation, or online course.

Why Choose FocusWP for Video Production

  • Cutting edge tools
  • 40+ years of experience
  • Unlimited revisions
  • You own all files
  • Quality control on every task

What can my Video Production Team do for me?

Video Production can help with many different types of work including:

Video stingers

Elevate your recorded webinars, training videos, sales presentations, or miscellaneous Looms with a branded intro and outro. Get your brand in front of your audience before and after you provide that valuable video content.

Splice multiple videos together

It’s an awesome feeling when it happens perfectly in one take, but we all know that isn’t usually the reality. Your Video team can edit all the best bits into one polished final product.

Add music to your videos

Nothing drives emotion quite like music. Have your Video Team add a moving track to your promotional videos and make an impact!

Color correction

Lighting is hard. We get it. Kermit The Frog knew what he was talking about when he said it ain’t easy being green! Don’t distract your audience with concerns of your vitamin deficiencies. Leave it to your Video Team to bring you back to your natural glow.

If content is king, then video is the Grand Poobah. The popularity of video among consumers is not new, but it continues to skyrocket and dominates across nearly all demographics.

FocusWP Video Production

When you work with your FocusWP Video Production team, you can be sure that your team has met the highest standards for communication skills, technical aptitude, and professionalism.

Highly skilled staff

Quality control on every task

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