Accessibility Audit

2-3 hours

Get an in depth, site-wide review of the Accessibility of a WordPress website. The report you receive will include all issues plus recommendations for prioritizing (and pricing!) the remediation.

See a sample report below.

FocusWP has partnered with Equalize Digital to help you make the web a more accessible place.

As a web expert, you know how important it is that every website is accessible to every person, regardless of abilities or limitations. By working with Equalize Digital, we can help you ensure that your website and your clients’ sites meet the highest standards of accessibility, and that all users can access your content easily and effectively.

Here’s how it works:

After purchasing the Accessibility Report and Recommendations Service, you will be directed to an onboarding form where you can grant access to the website, as well as provide any requirements or special considerations needed for this project.

We will install the premium version of the Equalize Digital Accessibility Checker plugin on the website indicated and generate the comprehensive report.

Next, an Accessibility Specialist will review the report and annotate it with time estimates and notes.

When the first 3 steps are complete, you will receive a notice that your report is available. To view the report, follow the link in the notification email, or log in to your Agency Portal.

(View a sample report below.)


Review our comments and suggestions at your convenience, and indicate which tasks you would like your FocusWP team to complete by ticking the checkboxes on desired line items.

After you have made your selections on the report, return to your Agency Portal and let the Conductor know that you are ready for the team to dive in. No need to send the document back – we will still have access to the shared document.

Depending on the tasks requested and the number of hours in your account, you may need to purchase additional hours.

When all requested items have been either remediated or safely ignored, we will run an updated scan which you can share with your client.

The premium version of Accessibility Checker will be deactivated upon completion of this project, but we will leave the free version installed and active. This is a great tool to keep on top of the site’s accessibility, as remaining accessible is an ongoing process.

Sample Accessibility Audit Report

Click the thumbnail to view a sample report taken from a real-world website accessibility scan. The report is delivered as a shared Google Sheet. It lists all Warnings and Errors from the scan, along with the following:


  1. Time estimate to remediate each item
  2. Total time to remediate all items
  3. Our recommended actions
  4. Simple checkboxes for you to request which tasks you’d like us to tackle
  5. Total time for all of your selected tasks (really helpful for budgeting and client proposal pricing!)

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