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Scale your business. Increase your profit. Do what you love. Focus on Copy empowers you to provide the well-written content your clients need without the stress of finding, vetting, and training a copywriter. We’ve done the hard part for you! All you have to do is submit the topic, format, and style and your team of FocusWP copywriters will research, write, proof, and deliver engaging content that your clients will love.

Why Choose FocusWP For Copywriting?

We help you meet your writing project deadlines with fewer revision requests so you can take on more work and scale your business.

  • Easily submit projects or revisions via your Agency Portal.
  • No commitment. Cancel any time.
  • Writing estimate guidelines provided.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Simple order forms allow you to get the copy you need with minimal revisions.
  • All writers are native English-speakers.
    All work is reviewed and approved by your dedicated Project Manager.

Are you ready to have a Copywriter you can rely on?

Every agency needs a good copywriter at their fingertips, but as you probably know, they are hard to come by. On Demand Copywriting by FocusWP provides you with your own personal copywriter that will learn your client’s brand and produce copy they are happy with.

Order once-off projects with confidence in knowing your clients will get the copy they need.

FocusWP provides agencies and web design companies vetted and trained copywriters so they can offer the writing services their clients need most. Our services allow you to scale your business quickly and take on more projects.

What can my Copywriting
Team do for me?

Copywriting can help with many different types of work including:

Blog Posts

Whether you want to have regular posts hit the blog, or could just use some help with a tricky topic, your copywriting team has your back. They will handle the research and crank out a post you’ll be excited to share all over the socials.

Lead Magnets

We all know there’s money in The List and one of the best ways to build up an email list (either yours or your clients’) is by offering a freebie to download in exchange for their precious email address. Submit a task to have your copywriters put together a checklist, white paper, or ebook, no problem. Don’t forget, you can send it to your Design Team to make sure it is eye catching and on-brand.

Email Marketing

One of the easiest ways to add recurring revenue is to offer Email Marketing to your clients. Everyone thinks they will do it themselves, but let’s face it, we all know that ain’t happening! Set up a task to have your Copy Team scrape their blog or the web for shareable content, write enticing intros, and send it back formatted and ready to pop into your email marketing app.


Team pages, staff write-ups, about pages, speaker bios, and even the “description” field on social media accounts are opportunities to make invaluable first impressions. Pop some highlights into a copywriting task and get a brag-worthy bio your client’s mom will want to embroider on a pillow!

Full Website Copy

Your team of copywriters can even tackle a full website project. The team lead can meet with your clients, if you want, or you can send our intake questionnaire to the client to keep it totally white label and we will remain your secret super power.

How many  hours will I need?

Use the chart below to get guidance on task time estimates and turnarount time.

Note that the time indicated are averages based on tasks submitted with a detailed, accurate brief.


Website Copy – How it works page

2hr - 3hr


Website Copy – Start Here Page

2hr - 3hr


Website Copy – Squeeze Page

2-3 hrs



2hr - 3hr


Bio – Personal / Professional Bio (1 par)



Lead Magnet – Checklist with intro (2 page)



Lead Magnet – Checklist with intro (1 page)



Email Sequence – 5 Emails

4hr - 5hr


Newsletter – 1 Email



Blog – Post to WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or other.

30min or less


Blog – Extra Research

1hr - 2hr


Blog – Long Form (2000-2500 words)

4hr - 5hr


Blog – Standard Blog (~1000 words)

2hr - 3hr


Sales Funnel

Landing Page, TY page, 3 emails



Website Copy – Case Study

3hr - 4hr


Website Copy – City Page / Areas Served Page

1 hr or less


Website Copy – Landing Page

4hr - 5hr


Website Copy – Home Page

2hr – 3hr


Blog – Small Blog (~500 words)

(Basic research. Will pull from 1-2 sources)

1hr – 2hr


Sales Funnel

Lead Magnet, Landing Page, TY page, 3 emails

8hr – 10hr


“You are working non-stop, and it isn’t enough. You’d hire someone, but you don’t have either the money to do so, or the time to train them. I found myself in this position more than once, and I knew there had to be a better solution than the options available to me. Now, highly skilled, reliable Copywriters are available on-demand and as needed to freelancers and agencies of any size.”

Stephanie Hudson
Owner, Sweet Tea Marketing
Co-Founder, FocusWP

FocusWP Copywriters

When you work with FocusWP Copywriters, you can be sure that your team has met the highest standards for communication skills, technical aptitude, and professionalism.

Highly skilled staff

Quality control on every task

Your privacy matters

Calculate your rate

Use the slider below to select the number of hours you’d like to purchase. Hours are good for 6 months. The more you get, the cheaper they are! Not sure how many hours you need? Check out our Task Estimate Calculator.

Did you know? Your hours can be used for ANY of your staff departments: Development, Design, Copywriting, Video Production, SEO, or VA. You can even submit multiple tickets at once.
3 hours


Who will write my content?

All of our writers and editors live in America and are native English-speakers. Each piece of content is reviewed by 3 different team members before it gets handed back to you.

Do you offer SEO copywriting?

All of our writers are trained in SEO copywriting. They know how to properly use HTML header tags, add in keywords naturally, and keep the readability score between 6-8. Also, they can provide custom meta descriptions and SEO titles upon request.

How do you know what to write?

Our writers will do the necessary research to gather the information needed to create content for your client. Also, we can provide you with questions to ask your client for further clarification.

Will you revise the content?

Yes, we will revise the content based on the client’s feedback. Our goal is to produce copy your client loves with as few revisions as possible, but don’t worry, we won’t quit until it’s perfect.

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