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All Plans Include

  • Daily Full Site Backups
  • Daily Security Scans
  • Daily Vulnerability Detection
  • Daily Performance Check
  • Immediate Notification of Malware or SiteBlacklisting
  • Weekly Database, Plugin, Theme & WordPress Updates*
  • Weekly Database Optimization
  • Weekly Spam Clean-up
  • PageSpeed Scores
  • SEO Keyword Tracking
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Personalized White Label Monthly Reports

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Standard Website



Complete Maintenance and Backup Plan for WordPress websites.

Form Testing (+$7.00)
Hourly Backups (+$10.00)
Staged Updates (+$15.00)

* Updates are always tested for compatibility! In the case of any issues or breakage, one hour of troubleshooting and repair are included per month. You can request a restore of a previous backup twice per month at no additional charge.

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