Get a Customized WordPress Website with the Convenience of Affordable Monthly Payments.

Sign up for the FocusWP Website Leasing Program today and have a gorgeous new website up in as little as one month. No down payment. No surprises.

Wait…What The Heck Is A Website Lease?

Just like a car lease lets you ride in style without a multi-year loan, or coming up with a huge purchase price all at once, leasing a website gives you the opportunity to have a professional, customized website, without a large payout up front.

Instead, the fee for designing, building, and hosting your website is spread out in affordable monthly payments. In order to qualify for a website lease, you must be willing to commit to 12 months of equal payments.

How Does This Work?

  • Subscribe to the plan of your choice
  • Fill out the style questionnaire
  • Submit your content
  • We build your site!
  • 1 hour of content updates each month
  • Hosting and maintenance are included ($115 monthly value!)

The FocusWP Website Leasing Program

When you subscribe below, that commits you to 12 monthly payments at the desired level. We will have your site up within the first month (provided we receive all of your content). There are no early cancellations or pro-rating. You are in it for the year. But it will be a great year!

Monthly Benefits

You don’t need to worry about additional fees for hosting or maintaining your WordPress website, it’s all included! Additionally, you get two “small tasks” each month to make modifications to your site.

What is a
“Small Task”?

A small task is something that will take our team 30 minutes or less to perform.

Some examples include:

  • Changing photos on a page
  • Modifying the text on a page
  • Publishing a blog post you have written
  • Updating your food or drink menu
  • Adding a portfolio item

What happens when my lease is up?

Let’s stick to the car lease analogy. When the lease on your car is up, you typically have 3 options, and the same goes for your website lease. Here are your options at the end of your 12 month commitment:

Upgrade to a
newer model

You can choose to stay on with the leasing program and renew your contract for the monthly rate. When choosing this plan, you are eligible for a total redesign of your site, or some select upgrades if you’re still happy with the look of your site.

Buy out

If you choose to take your website elsewhere at the end of your lease, there will be $899 buy-out fee (just as if you wanted to buy the car at the end of your lease). We will package everything up for you and send it to you in a format that can be easily imported into a WordPress installation elsewhere.

Walk away

At the end of a car lease, you can always walk into the dealer and drop off the keys, then go on with your life. This is not the typical option, but it is possible! You are not committed to anything beyond your initial 12 month contract. Keep in mind, if you walk away, you will lose your website. (We will keep a backed up copy of it for 3 months in case you change your mind.)

Choose The Plan That Best Fits Your Needs

Standard Website

A standard website plan includes up to 10 static pages with content and images of your choice. The possibilities are endless!


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Portfolio Website

Our Portfolio Website plan includes up to 5 static pages plus a portfolio section where your projects or work can be displayed. Your initial build includes 5 projects. Additional projects can be added each month using your recurring monthly credits.


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Blogging Website

Our Blogging Website plan includes up to 5 static pages plus a blog. Your initial build includes 5 blog posts. Additional posts can be added each month using your recurring monthly credits.


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