Stephanie Hudson interviewed on Women In WP podcast

Article by Stephanie Hudson

I had the honor of being interviewed at WordCamp Europe for the Women In WP podcast.
Host Angela Bowman chatted with 11 women in attendance who are part of the WordPress community in one way or another.

Some are sponsors, some contribute to code, some were volunteering at the event, and some of us are just WordPress geeks using the platform in our business and lives every day.

You can check out the video here (or inline below):

I encourage you to listen to the stories of all 11 of us, but my part starts at the 22:55 mark.

Women in WP is a bi-monthly podcast about women who blog, design, develop, and market in the WordPress community. Their mission is to celebrate the women who are using WordPress every day, and they do so by introducing their audience to women you may not have met before to showcase how they’re using WordPress in their lives and businesses.

It’s a show focused on positivity and support, which makes it easy to enjoy and support…especially as a Woman in WordPress, myself!

About the Author

Stephanie is a geek, entrepreneur, business coach, podcast host, internationally known speaker, notebook hoarder, and dad joke aficionado. She loves helping WordPress businesses thrive and grow.


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