No more subscriptions

We are excited to announce a major change to our pricing model at FocusWP. Now you no longer have to commit to a monthly subscription of hours. Rather, you just buy hours as you need them and can take your time using them (up to 6 months!).

Why are we eliminating subscriptions?

My co-founder Tom and I are both website developers and agency owners, so we understand the struggle. We find ourselves living in a “subscription economy” with dozens of businesses taking a bite out of your wallet each and every month. While you are trying to increase your Recurring Revenue, it’s easy to accumulate Recurring Costs instead. This can be a real challenge to a business trying to scale, grow…or just survive! In addition, it became apparent that client delays or project setbacks could sabotage your carefully laid plans to use a certain number of hours in a single month. With the subscription model, what you didn’t use during the month, you lost. Estimating and running projects is difficult enough without this added concern. We created our Focus On Demand service to REDUCE the stress on agencies and freelancers, not add to it. As such, we determined that we would be much better able to serve you and the other Bosses by changing things to a pay-as-you-go model.

Do my hours last forever?

Not exactly. Due to the speed with which our industry changes, we had to set some limit on the time your hours are valid. We decided that 6 months is long enough to cover project delays, and also a reasonable time in which to plan out how you will use your hours.

How will this benefit me?

You still have the same talented team of Developers, Designers, Copywriters, Video Editors, SEO Experts, and VAs to delegate to – that hasn’t changed. But now you don’t have to worry about losing unused hours at the end of the month. Plus you can stock up on hours and benefit fully from our quantity discounts! If you are a current subscription customer, you don’t have to do anything to change to pay-as-you-go. Your existing hours will not expire, and you will not be charged at the end of your current month. But don’t forget to top up your account with plenty of hours to tackle whatever your clients throw your way!

Are you happy about this change? We’d love to know! Please leave us a comment below or in our Facebook Group, Focus On Your Biz.

About the Author

Stephanie is a geek, entrepreneur, business coach, podcast host, internationally known speaker, notebook hoarder, and dad joke aficionado. She loves helping WordPress businesses thrive and grow.


  1. Jeff

    I was today years old when i first heard of your company. This blog post may have just closed the deal.

    • Stephanie Hudson

      Welcome to the Fam, Jeff! 😎


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